Neutralize the Bully in the Workplace by Asking Him to Slow Down and Explain

Bullies are notoriously difficult to deal with because they don’t act rationally or respectfully. However, in the workplace, you can still take responsibility for the situation by asking them to explain what their problem is.

As advice site Barking Up the Wrong Tree explains, workplace bullies have a little more nuance than those you encountered in school. Instead of using physical violence or calling someone by name, workplace bullies are more likely to engage in verbal confrontation to push you. If something’s heating up, ask them to slow down and help you understand:

Again, a perfectly reasonable and polite request. You solve problems rationally. And no charges are being made …

If they scream and you stay calm, who will look better? Who looks like a madman? Which of these people is the leader? Exactly. You are calm and in control. They need to stop screaming or they risk looking crazy. You did nothing to offend them or fan the flames.

In this case, ask them to explain more for those who are watching, and not for the bully. If you calmly ask them to explain why they are upset and try to understand their position, you will appear more in control. In some cases, they may even calm down if you feel like you are listening to their side. Of course, this does not mean that you have to do what they ask, but when you hear them, you sound more like a calm, collected person that everyone in the office wants to be equal to. Read the source article below to learn more about how to deal with bullies in the workplace.

How to beat bullies at work: 7 expert secrets | Bark on the wrong tree


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