Top Downloads This Week

Every week we share the number of downloads for all platforms to help you get started. Here are the top downloads this week.

Look for hidden Netflix categories and save favorites with this extension

Chrome: Netflix has many hidden category codes that you can use to find movies and shows that you enjoy. The aptly named Netflix Categories Chrome extension helps you find and save the ones you like.

Lack of voicemail prevents callers from leaving messages

Android / iOS: Not all voicemail fans. Some consider this a useless annoyance and prefer writing text messages or emails instead. If you are in this camp, the No More Voicemail feature will prevent callers from leaving you voicemail, eliminating that possibility entirely.

Eightydays helps you plan your trip to multiple cities

Internet / iOS: Travel planning usually involves a lot of research. When you are planning a trip with stops in different cities, the research can take even longer. Eighty days can help.

YouTube Go downloads videos for offline viewing, saves your data plan

Android. Few apps are less supportive of your data-limited data plan than YouTube. If you want to download videos for offline viewing, you can subscribe to YouTube Red or use the new free YouTube Go.

Mas updates and installs Mac App Store apps from the command line

Mac: To manually update any apps you download from the Mac App Store, you must open the app, click the download tab, wait for the update, then click the Update All button. Mas is a small command line interface that allows you to do all this from your favorite Terminal application.

Steam Cleaner removes duplicate and leftover files from Steam, Uplay and GoG Galaxy

Windows: Whether all your games are Steam games, Ubisoft’s Uplay titles, or GoG purchases downloaded to the Galaxy, after installation or uninstallation, you probably have duplicate files, leftover files, or redistributables that you no longer need … Steam Cleaner takes care of everything for you.

Give your Windows virtual desktops a name with this AutoHotkey script

Windows: The new multi-desktop feature in Windows 10 is as good as it is outdated . However, it would be nice if you could do things like give your desktop a name or see which desktop you are currently on. This AutoHotkey script does exactly that.

ReadKit, an RSS feed reader for Mac, cleans up its design, adds a new dark theme, and more

Mac: ReadKit is one of the best RSS readers on the Mac , and it gets a little better today with an updated interface that includes a unified toolbar, a new dark theme, and more.

Extended history gives you full searches, filters and tags for your browser history

Chrome: If you’ve ever read an article and then looked through your story to find it again, or wanted to clear certain parts of your story, Extended Story can help. This is a fork and improvement of the beloved Better History (but without the malware that got into it and other Chrome extensions a while ago).

NooBoss restricts Chrome extensions to select sites and monitors them for updates

Chrome: If you use a lot of Chrome extensions, then you know that Chrome’s built-in extension manager doesn’t give you much control. NooBoss is an extension manager that lets you control which sites extensions are running on, track when they update, and more.


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