Three Tips to Have Fun at Events When Everyone Is Drinking

We all have different opinions about alcohol, but for many, alcohol is a way to relax and feel comfortable at events. As explained in this video from Charisma on Command, you can do it and talk comfortably to people without it, even if everyone else is noisy.

The idea of ​​“pretending until it works” reflects the spirit of the video’s advice, because it’s really about changing your mindset and then taking action. First, they suggest that you take it as a personal problem. Plan and intend to be the talkative and energetic person that you think you will become after alcohol, but without alcohol. Thus, this intent permeates your interactions.

The second tip complements the previous one by offering what is essentially a fun version of power posing. Finally, they just go out and say, “Stop going to suck events” (of course, the suck level can vary). But instead of just telling the person who invited you, not try to make a counter-offer in which you politely refuse and replace it with another idea for the party (most likely, without alcohol). That way, something fun will still be on the table and you won’t completely avoid the person who invites you. See the video for details.

How to have fun without drinking | Charisma on command


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