This Picture Shows How to Treat Frostbite

If you are not careful in cold winter weather, you can get frostbite, which can seriously injure your limbs or exposed skin. This picture shows how to treat it before it goes bad.

As the picture from the Art of Masculinity advice site explains, you must identify frostbite by sight and touch. The affected areas will hurt at first, but they may be numb, making you think everything is okay, simply because there is no pain. Watch for skin that turns red at first and then becomes unusually pale and firm.

Once you’ve identified an area, wipe it off and cover. Avoid further exposure to cold as soon as possible. Once you find a warm shelter, heat some water to 100-112 degrees to keep it warm, but not too hot. Moisten affected skin, adding lukewarm water as needed to maintain temperature. Continue to soak the skin until the color and feel returns. As explained in the source link below, it is also recommended that you seek medical attention immediately, as the damage may be deeper than you can immediately see.

How to treat frostbite “wiki useful Art of masculinity


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