Ten Easy Ways to Turn a Light Bulb Into a Beautiful Lamp

Most of us don’t have a simple outdoor light or lamp in our homes, but if you have – or have a lamp you’d like to dress up – there are ten different ways to dress up in this video from The Lighting Channel. light bulb and make it a little better – or at least make it fit a little with your home decor.

The full video tells the story, and the video is only about two minutes long, but the tips range from hard to simple and easy. At one end of the spectrum, a little kraft paper or placard paper around a lamp can quickly transform it – until that paper is ignited by the heat of the lamp. Alternatively, you can cut an old wine bottle to the bottom and turn it into a pretty colored lamp if you like the look. Similarly, you can knit a cape for him that casts interesting shadows around your room. If this all sounds a little silly, we can’t blame you, but once you see the results, you will understand or hopefully find something that works in your space.

10 Ways To Replace A Light Bulb | Lighting Channel (YouTube)


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