How to Make the Perfect Rolled up Front for a Long Shirt

Tucking a long shirt in the front helps define the waistline and lengthens the leg line without the wrinkles that can occur when the shirt is fully tucked in. Here’s the secret on how to do the perfect and sharp grouping every time.

A clean line down the bottom of a tucked-in shirt is very important because it gives you a neat hem that looks good in a professional or business casual setting, or when you need a cleaner look. The main thing is to fold the hem of the shirt before tucking it over the trousers or skirt. Make sure the folded edge is neat and flatten the open edge after tucking it in the front to create a sharper line. If your shirt still folds after you folded the hem once, fold it twice before tucking it into your pants.

How (and why) to do front grouping | Required changes


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