Eightydays Helps You Plan Your Trip to Multiple Cities

Internet / iOS: Travel planning usually involves a lot of research. When you are planning a trip with stops in different cities, the research can take even longer. Eighty days can help.

The web version of the tool, which is currently in beta testing, only includes cities in Europe. Their free iOS version also includes US travel. To use any app, you simply select the departure date and city, and Eightydays will suggest an itinerary with a cost indication. You can choose another city or several other cities. If you don’t like their suggestions, you can click Shuffle to get a different route. Your itinerary will also indicate how many nights you will spend in each city.

They break down prices by flight and accommodation, and you can click on a link on Airbnb, Hotels.com, or Skyscanner to book the tickets you need for that particular trip. Even if you don’t use these sites to book your trip or stick to your itinerary entirely, this is a useful tool to save time when exploring travel between cities. To verify this, follow the links below.

Eighty days | Apple Store

Eighty days


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