What to Drink With a Steak If You Don’t Like Red Wine

Red wine and steak are a classic combination for good reason – together they taste great – but not everyone can handle all of these tannins. Fortunately, there are many other drinks that go well with a perfectly cooked piece of meat, and most of them are quite drunk.

In the link below, Kitchn has many great suggestions, both alcohol-free and ethanol-free, but these are my personal favorites:

  • Martini: An ice-cold martini garnished with olives is my favorite steak for dinner. Slightly savory and cleansing, this classic shake compliments a full-bodied steak without demanding attention or saturating your palate.
  • Beer: Kitchn recommends both stouts and porters for their ability to withstand a greasy chunk of beef, but make sure you choose a beer with a little bitterness to help overcome all that richness. (I would avoid chocolate stouts and the like.)
  • Whiskey: Smoky Scotch and Spicy Rye are good choices, even without any mixers, but a simple whiskey cocktail like Manhattan will do just fine.

If you want to stick with a soft drink, Kitchn offers cranberry or pomegranate juice, although I personally recommend a little drink known as diet cola. Diet Coke goes well with everything.

5 Things To Drink With A Steak If You Don’t Like Red Wine | Kitchen


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