This Imogen Heap Song Is Scientifically Created to Make Your Child Smile

There is a lot of fun and cheerful music in the world for children, but this melody was written using the power of science.

According to numerous studies, the song, written and performed by Grammy-winning Imogen Heap in collaboration with Caspar Addiman of the University of London for the C&G Baby Club , embodies everything that children love about music. For example, Addiman explains that babies prefer consonance over dissonance and prefer a female voice, especially when he sings in a child’s voice. The song is also in a major key, has a fast tempo and a simple repetitive melody that includes drum rolls, key changes, smooth pitch slides, and plenty of room for anticipation and surprise. Plus, there are silly sounds and babies love them.

The song has been tested with a 26-child focus group throughout its composition, and the music in the video above is the end result. Obviously, there is no guarantee that the song will make your child bounce or laugh, but there is a good chance that they will like it. You will probably like this too. Read more about this at the link below.

We have created a song that makes kids happy | Conversation through science about us


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