Create Your Own Distressed Prints With Polaroid Photos

If you have old camera snapshots, here’s a fun way to change their purpose. In the video above, photographer Matt Day shows you how to do an emulsion lift so you can transfer those photos onto paper and give them a vintage, shabby look.

Of course, your instant photos don’t have to be old. It’s an interesting project for new photos too , and easier than you think. All you need is a tray of water, some paper (he uses watercolor paper in the video) and a paintbrush. Remove the black backing from the photo, then submerge the remaining photo in water. After a while, the image will separate from the plastic base and you can shape and (carefully) transfer to paper. To convey it, Day actually inserts paper under the image while it is still underwater.

It’s a simple yet delicate process, so watch Day’s video to see how he does it. He also uses a second tray of cold water to secure the picture to the paper.

It goes without saying that, especially when you try this for the first time, you probably won’t want to use any sentimental photos that you fear losing. To see how this is done, watch the full video above or go to the Day channel at the link below.

How to make a Polaroid lifting emulsion ┬╗wiki useful YouTube via PetaPixel


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