Boost Your Confidence in Social Situations With the 60 Seconds Game

Sometimes, gaining self-confidence is as easy as breaking the ice. The next time you’re at a conference, party, or other social event, try this game for a quick confidence boost.

On his blog, I’ll Teach You To Be Rich, Ramit Sethi shares one of his favorite confidence-building techniques in a potentially awkward social environment: the “60-second” confidence game. This is how it works:

Walk up to someone and introduce yourself within 60 seconds of visiting an event, café, or other location. The only rule of thumb is that you must do this within 60 seconds before your anxiety can take over.

Don’t lose your temper before you even give yourself a chance to be calm and confident. If you can get things off the ground quickly, you will realize how easy it is, even before you even have the ability to build things in your mind. And if you don’t know what to say after meeting, just compliment him .

3 Simple Tips to Help You Build Your Self-Confidence | I will teach you to be rich


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