Ask What Was Different About Previous Employees to Better Understand What the Role Entails

An interview is a time to introduce yourself as a great candidate and learn more about the company, team, and role so you can make an informed decision if you receive an offer. Part of this education is understanding what you need to succeed in this position.

You can find out with just one question asked by Alison Greene in Ask the Manager . You can customize the question to fit the conversation, but you want to focus on figuring out what made the previous employees great and exceeded the job’s expectations.

Thinking back to people who used to be in this position, what differentiated those who were good from those who were really great?

In addition to making yourself stand out from other candidates without asking cookie questions, the interviewer’s response highlights the effort you need to put in to be successful in that position and the level you will need to achieve in order to advance in the company. … The bonus is that if you do receive an offer and accept it, you know from day one what you need to be successful.

Great question for an interviewer | Ask the manager


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