Get Rid of Jet Lag by Having Lunch in Local Time Before You Travel

When you travel, feeling overwhelmed and tired when you get to your destination can be a shame . To avoid changing time zones on your next big trip, plan your meals according to your destination’s time zone before you actually arrive.

Basically, it’s an easy way to adjust in advance for a new time zone. Travel + Leisure explains how it works:

“Eating helps regulate our basic rhythms, so try to stick to meal times that match your destination’s time zone,” says Dautovich, who also recommends not drinking a nightcap in flight because alcohol can act as a stimulant … When you travel on a night flight, this could mean a dream when food is served on the plane because you don’t want to dine when they sleep in your new time zone.

They add that you can ask the flight attendant to save food until later when you wake up, or simply bring your own snacks so you can “start the day” with breakfast.

In other words, help your body better understand the time difference by focusing on meals. To learn more about jet lag treatment, please go to their full post at the link below.

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