Get Pre-Orders for Meals at the Airport

Nobody wants to spend $ 15 on a sandwich, but when you’re hungry and want something more than a tiny bag of pretzels, you give up expensive airport food. If you’re in a hurry, Grab is a free app that pre-orders this meal for you, so you don’t have to worry about a missed flight.

The app provides you with a list of eateries that you can order from, depending on the airport. It also displays these dots so you can verify that they are indeed in your terminal and, ideally, already on their way to the exit. From there, Grab works just like any other food ordering app : select a location, order and pay. Your food will be ready as soon as you get there and you can skip the lines.

In terms of security, they partner with Braintree, a Paypal company, and do not store your information on their servers. You can read their full policy here .

This is a useful app if you travel frequently and are short on time. It even comes in handy if you just want to explore your food options before traveling to the airport. To verify this, follow the link below.

Capture | Apple Store

Capture | Google games


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