Fried Pizza Dough Is a Super Hearty and Easy Snack

If you’re the type of person who craves a pizza crust with gravy and cheese, I have good news. Thanks to the frying power, you can finally make your pizza the star it deserves and not a side effect.

Simply grab your favorite pizza dough (Food52 has a great recipe in the link below), flatten into 1/4 inch pieces and push them through the mixture of flour, cornmeal, cayenne pepper, and any other spices you desire. Fry about 1 inch (2.5 cm) in 350-degree oil until lush and golden, flip to get the other side, and place on paper towels to dry.

From there, you can dress them however you like. Sprinkle your golden gummies with fresh herbs and layered salt, dip them in the marinara, or spread a healthy layer of fresh ricotta. The options are almost endless.

Fried pizza dough is so delicious you don’t need toppings | Food52


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