Be Good, Play Well. I’m Leaving.

Do you guys remember the little commentator named “Phoenix”? It was me. A long time ago, when Lifehacker was a newbie, like you, I sat in a job I didn’t like and read about how I could make my life better. Then I was lucky to have the opportunity to make your life better. I hope that yes. Now is the time to move on.

Back in 2005, when Lifehacker was launched (Happy Birthday!), I was right there in the comments, talking about how excited I was that the site talks about technology and life in an upbeat, positive, genuinely help-oriented manner. … we will all be better people. Gina Trapani has been at the helm in those days, and even comments on this first post is lost in the misty times before Kinjo , before the Great hacking , to each redesign-meant-destruction, you can probably go back and find my name in all the comments to these old posts.

Then Adam Pasch gave me the opportunity to be a part of it all. He was at the helm at the time, and I sawed and sawed, applying every time a discovery popped up on the site, hoping to be part of what I thought – and still think – the best site on the web, and write for a better community and I tell everyone that they should definitely read the comments. He eventually relented and let me join the team.

I wrote Hive Fives from the first weekend, reluctantly tucking him to bed as he got old, but ran Sunday Showdown to replace him, which I hope you enjoy! I immersed myself in online security and privacy . I taught you how to encrypt your email (this is more important now than ever!). I talked about health and science , wrote our guidelines for writing reports about science and medicine, and in general, waking up every day thinking how I can help someone today . I applied every productivity method I could try and redesigned them to make my own. I tried to quell the internet hype to be positive and helpful – as Lifehacker always has been.

When Adam left, then came back, then moved on again, I accompanied him both times – once as a writer he helped leave the project management team when all I wanted to do was write, and then as the guy in charge On the website, I kept asking him for advice on how to run.

When he left and Whitson Gordon took over at the helm, I also worked by his side, acting as his deputy, helping launch Skillet, Vitals and Two Cents , trying to keep our PC building guides up to date , introducing you all to sous vide cooking . As we launch Lifehacker U so that we all have a great education close at hand, we’re talking about hacks that you shouldn’t tell your mom about , explaining why you should always keep your company at arm’s length and generally keep things afloat. I even rooted the Nook, which I still use as a tablet . I have written more articles on how I work than I can count . Oh, I also tried to peel apples with an electric drill . It was fun. When Whitson left for How-To Geek , I waved goodbye to him, but I missed him every day.

I was here when it all started, and maybe that’s why it’s time for me to move on. Exactly almost a year ago, I became the editor-in-chief of Lifehacker, and ironically, today I tell you guys that I am leaving.

However, Lifehacker has never been better. The Lifehacker team is smart and talented, fun and fun to work with, ready to help, hack lives and kick ass. They are the best writers on the Internet and the best people I have ever worked with. I want to thank Adam Pasha for giving me the chance to do this in the first place, Whitson Gordon for entrusting me to be his right hand, taking me with him to Budapest and then entrusting me to take responsibility when he will go away. I also want to thank John Cook, our former executive editor, and Lacey Donoghue, our former deputy executive editor, for taking the time in the big chair. It was convenient. Cheers to our amazing team of technicians working behind the scenes to keep Kinja running and our subsidiary sites on the GMG network and their long-standing EICs for keeping the faith and teaching me a lot. Now that everything is settled and Lifehacker is in new hands, let’s see what else it can do.

Speaking of the big chair, it will be empty right now until Gizmodo Media announces my replacement – along with a smaller chair next to it. I’m sure both of them will soon be filled with people who can bring new energy and vigor, do the right thing thanks to the team here, and more importantly, from you guys – the readers and commentators I’ve known since I was among you. and now I have the privilege of returning.

As for me? I’m not sure what’s next. These have been a wonderful six years, and you will see me a little more. I even add comments from time to time. In addition, I did not choose life hacks, life hacks chose me . The beauty of being here for so long is that I now have the freedom to sit back and think about what’s next, and then hopefully continue to gradually improve the world. That’s all I ever wanted to do.

Well, play video games and watch anime. Do you want to do it too? Drop me a line on Twitter , we’ll talk and exchange Steam and pens.

This is a phoenix . I’m leaving. Be kind to each other. We are all that we have.


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