Lose It! Has a Built-in Visual Guide to Help You Determine Service Sizes

iOS / Android: When it comes to food tracking, we are poor at estimating our portion sizes. We’ve shared reference tables like this one before , but they’re not very convenient to carry around. Lose It! Update! You can now quickly turn to the visual guide to estimating portion sizes whenever you need it.

Last time we talked about Lose It !, we pointed out a feature that allows you to register your products by photographing them . This time, it’s a subtler addition to your food journal. In particular, when you register the serving size, notice the text “Help with serving size” in the lower right corner. When you click on it, an overlay similar to the following appears:

You now have an additional guideline to help you register products more accurately! You can swipe left and right to view various examples, including the standard serving sizes for nuts, pasta, peanut butter, etc. D. You already do an excellent job. With a tool to monitor the food , so learn how to determine portion sizes – for the benefit of another achieving your weight goals.

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