Focus on the Future by Talking About the Job You Hate

When you don’t like your current job, it can be tempting to tell interviewers how awful it is, to show them how toxic and poorly managed you survived. But instead, you should focus on your future . That’s why.

Whether you’re in a job interview, at a networking event, or reaching out to acquaintances, discussing why your current job or company isn’t working can be a challenge on your end. Instead, switch the conversation to what you want to do or are looking for as soon as possible. You will come across as a more positive person, and the other person will be able to give you valuable information rather than sympathetically “this sucks”.

If you want to explain why you are looking for new opportunities, you can simply say something like, “My current role is no longer suitable” or “I am looking for new challenges.” They sound a little corny, but they will convey the message and provide a smooth transition to actually discussing the possibilities you want.

How To Talk About Your Soul Sucking Job While You Are Looking For The Best | Muse


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