What Does Sleep Well Mean According to Sleep Scientists?

You might think that a good night’s rest means getting through the night without problems, but there are actually four measurable factors that scientists use to measure sleep quality. This is exactly what a good night’s sleep entails.

In the latest issue of Sleep Health , the National Sleep Foundation explained exactly what a good night’s sleep means when it comes to scientific research. As Kari Romm of Science of Us explained , four factors are:

  1. You need half an hour or less to fall asleep.
  2. You wake up no more than once a night.
  3. If you wake up in the middle of the night, you fall asleep again within 20 minutes.
  4. You sleep at least 85 percent of the time you spend in bed.

Of course, these factors only apply to nighttime sleep sessions and do not necessarily work with daytime sleep and other short forms of sleep. So you got a good rest last night? Now you can know for sure.

National Sleep Foundation Sleep Quality Guidelines: First Report | Sleep health through the science of us


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