Tonsil Stones, the Roughest Thing in the Mouth, Are Completely Normal

Have you ever had a small white bump in your tonsils? A good portion (sorry) of us probably have it right now, although if it’s very small you may not feel it. These bumps are completely normal and this video explains what they are.

Here’s what’s going on. Tonsil folds can trap dead cells, mucus, and even small pieces of food. They turn into small white lumps called tonsils or tonsiloliths . You are more likely to get them if you have large tonsils or if you have recently had tonsillitis.

Bacteria can grow on tonsil stones, causing bad breath. You can try to remove them with your finger, or gargling with salt water can help. Watch the full video to find out more!

What are tonsils? | General Science


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