These Do-It-Yourself Science Experiments Will Teach You a Lot and Give You Amazing Results.

Labracadabra, a series of science videos and experiments from GE employees, might be designed to keep you interested in the work the company is doing, but it is also an overview of some fun chemical and physical experiments you can do at home – with great results.

For example, the video above shows what happens when you apply a non-Newtonian fluid to a speaker, and it’s as cool to watch as you can imagine. The video below, on the other hand, is a foaming fountain made using hydrogen peroxide and dishwashing detergent (along with a few other ingredients).

Each video is great at showing you all the ingredients and items you’ll need for each experiment, as well as what is safe to try at home, with or without adult supervision, in case you’re thinking about getting kids. I’m a little interested in science. Gift them a watch, then check out others on the Labracadabra Facebook page below.

Labracadabra | Facebook


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