Celebrate the New Year With a Festive Champagne Bar

I don’t always stay until midnight on New Years, but you can bet your goodies I’m in this year, if only watch 2016 dying (and make sure it stays dead). I guess most of you will do the same, so why not do it in style with a trendy holiday champagne bar?

The link below is chock full of tips for champagne, but Lela Rose’s Sam Masters has a few simple rules you must follow to create the best soda bar (bonus points if you hit the bottle ):

  1. Get a large bucket: This ensures you don’t have to constantly replenish your bottles. There is no need to be limited to a basin for drinks; large planters, real buckets, and even a large sink will do. (I also used the bath, but this was for a less “formal” event.)
  2. Do not strain your glasses: Do not worry, if you only have four glasses of champagne; just use what you have . Compartment glasses, regular wine glasses or cute fancy tea cups will all be welcome and look pretty adorable when assembled.
  3. Mix it up: Champagne is good in itself, but this is the end of the worst year in history, so we have to make it special. Masters recommends making light yet impressive side dishes like edible rosebuds, pomegranate seeds, frozen berries, cotton candy, and aromatic liqueurs like Saint Germain. (You may have seen edible glitter-rimmed champagne glasses. I recommend avoiding edible glitter at a party, otherwise you want the edible glitter to remain permanently in the fibers of your carpet.)
  4. You’re in for a bite to eat: Masters loves to put on the champagne truffle tray, but I’ll probably put something more substantial. My favorite super-light yet elegant party snack is plain breadsticks wrapped in prosciutto. But do a lot, as they go fast.

Also, while champagne is traditional, any good bottle of bubbles will do, so feel free to set up a prosecco bar, cava bar, or champagne bar in California.

How to Build a Champagne Bar Wiki Useful Tasting Table


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