Use Different Headphone Caps to Remember Which Earphone Fits Which Ear

Your music has been carefully designed to be played on separate left and right channels. Do justice to your music by plugging your headphones into the correct ear. To avoid confusion, use different headphone caps to remember which one is which.

As Reddit user Zeo_ notes , many earbuds come with additional caps in different colors or shapes. If they don’t come with your headphones, you can usually get a replacement set for a fairly low price (or spend a little more on better quality earpieces ). Just use one colored cap on the left earbud and the other on the right. Then you can immediately identify which ear is in which ear. This is especially handy if your headphones don’t have a great way to tell right from left on their own.

I will never again have to guess what is left and what is on the right! | Reddit


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