The Easiest Way to Open a Bottle of Wine Is With a Two-Pronged Cork Remover.

Simple corkscrews are difficult to master, and expensive corkscrews are generally expensive. But I haven’t used a corkscrew in years since I saw a professional bottle opener with a simple two-pronged cork remover for $ 5. These devices are cheap, fast, lightweight, and reliable.

To use one, you simply insert the long end between the cork and bottle, and then do the same with the other prong on the other side of the cork. Move both ends downward until the pins are fully seated in the bottle. Then just pull the plug out, twisting it as you go.

This video shows you these movements, but if you know what you are doing, the whole process will only take a few seconds. Keep the cork remover in your kitchen drawer and you’ll never be more than a minute from an open wine bottle.


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