Plunge Into the Festive Mood With the Festive Snow Globe Cocktail.

If you’re looking for the perfect holiday cocktail to sip in front of a fire, look no further. This snow globe cocktail is as festive as it gets.

This video from the Cocktail Chemistry YouTube channel shows you how to make one of the most festive cocktails you’ll ever see. You will need caramel, cranberries, gin, rosemary syrup, some citric acid (since the drink should be clear) and some soda. You will also need a sprig of rosemary to be your Christmas tree and a spherical glass in the shape of a ball. It uses a real globe, but you could probably achieve a similar effect with a stemless wine glass.

The trick is to glue a sprig of rosemary to the bottom of the glass using caramel or some other edible glue to make it look like a standing tree. Now combine 3/4 ounce of plain rosemary syrup, one ounce of citric acid solution, and two ounces of dry gin. Add it to your glass, then add some soda and some cranberries for garnish. Add a candy cane straw and it’s ready to serve.

Advanced Techniques – How to Make a Snow Globe Cocktail | Youtube


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