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Re_on has a gorgeous huge window with a great view … so he set up his workplace right in front of him. Nice, simple and, despite the lack of curtains, not a bad place to work. Let’s see some more photos.

Honestly, re_on notes on the Reddit thread linked below (permalink to this comment) that while you might be wondering what people see when they look inside, you don’t have to:

There are curtains for the evening and night, but this is a temporary situation. I just had new windows and frame installed, so I’m wondering what to do next. I have extra daytime curtains but will need to install an extra strip for them. Either that, or I’ll apply some blurring sheets to the bottom of the window as I did on my old windows. However, one has to wait for the artist to finish his work soon.

Fortunately, there are no people on the other side of the street in this part of the street. The building in front of me is a realtor who almost never uses the second floor, while everyone else is businesses that use their second floors only as storage facilities.

What a relief! But beyond that attractive NZXT H440 case (which I reviewed for my recent build), the rest of the specs are mentioned in the replies to the thread below, specifically the Ahrend 700 desk on which the entire setup is based, Abe Wallpaper Kislevitsa on display, Logitech G100s mouse, speakers M-Audio and the Realforce 87U keyboard are at the center of it all. Here’s another side shot:

And another one with that friendly plant on the right.

The whole setup looks pretty nice and simple, and while it certainly isn’t filled with expensive tech or anything else, it’s a great place to sit down and work and get inspired. If you’ve dug up too, go to the thread below and vote re_on while you’re there. Let him know we sent you!

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PC setup November 2016 | Imgur via Reddit


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