This Video Tutorial Will Teach You How to Balance on Your Hands

Basic Raven Pose is a yoga pose for advanced beginners and is a great springboard for learning hand balance. And it’s like a pose that balances out other cool yoga moves , but it can also be really practical: you work on hip flexibility and improve your shoulders, chest, and core strength.

Kakasana is the Sanskrit name for the crow pose. Unlike a handstand, you suck in your body and support all of your weight with your hands. At first it seems impossible to stay on your feet, but there is one trick: your shins should press on the back of your arms (triceps), which should always be in contact with your shins. Some people find that the inner thighs squeeze the triceps instead for greater stability. Keep your elbows bent and your fingers spread apart to keep it steady.

The video does a great job of revealing the entire crow pose so you can practice the individual segments. The ability to do a full push-up makes it easier to learn crow pose. Alternatively, you can place pillows in front of you, as there is a high risk of colliding with your face when doing crow pose. I’m just saying.

Bakasana for beginners, Yoga in a pose of a crow, hand balance | Neil Keleher


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