Why You Should Review Your Auto Insurance Policy Every Six Months

It’s wise to periodically review your goals, spending plan, or investment portfolio, but you also want to revisit your monthly bills and expenses from time to time. If you haven’t been looking for the best auto insurance policy for a while, it might be time.

Credit.com offers:

… you should review your auto insurance at least once every six months or a year to ensure that your vehicle is adequately insured and that you are paying the best rate (with all applicable discounts), considering, among other things, the value of your vehicle, changing factors.

This is a good and simple reminder to make sure you are adequately insured, but many operators also optimize prices for customers who are not shopping . You should look at new quotes at least from time to time so that they don’t raise your grade for no reason. Six months is also a good time to wait because some insurers offer better rates for customers who ask for rates more than six months apart .

You just paid for your car – now what? | Credit.com


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