Get Our Latest T-Shirt and Many More Gear From Lifehacker

It hasn’t been long since we launched our official store , but we’re working to bring some of your LH gear suggestions to life. Today we have our first new shirt design that will appeal to you Linux lovers or anyone who lives with the command line.

Along with this new design, you can choose our logo, the stylized letter “LH” designed with all aspects of life we ​​live in mind to help you improve, and of course stickers and decals for your laptop – or wherever else … slap them in the face.

If you dig it up be sure to grab one, and if you have any other Lifehacker hardware suggestions we can make, leave them in the comments below – we’re already working on some of the things you suggested, such as notebooks and coffee mugs. but our ears are open. And, of course, thank you for reading and for staying with us.

Lifehacker | Official Store


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