What to Expect From the New, Cheaper “core” Economy Delta, United and American Airlines

Cheaper flights are one of the ways the major airlines are trying to get your business back , and for Delta and United this means introducing a “basic savings” option. Here’s what you can expect if you choose it the next time you go.

Update : American Airlines has now introduced a similar Basic Economy class with similar fares and restrictions.

Some of them may not surprise you, but it’s still good to know what you are getting yourself into before you open fire.

  • Reward Restrictions : Depending on the flight or ticket class, you may not be eligible to receive airline rewards on basic Economy Class fares, or you may not be able to use your rewards for upgrades and benefits.
  • Only one carry-on bag: You only receive one carry-on bag , not two regular items, and must be stored under the seat in front of you. You will not be able to use the top compartment.
  • Seating and seating changes : You will be in the last group on board and will receive your allocation on the day of the flight. You will not be able to select a seat online.

If you have a Delta or United credit card, you can remove some of the restrictions. Alternatively, the savings on basic Economy Class fares may be low enough that check-in fees may generally be cheaper than booking a Standard Economy Class fare, depending on flight and time. Visit the Delta and United websites for details on each of their core services to the economy.

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