60 Essential Keyboard Shortcuts Every Office Worker Should Know

Of course, you may not need all 60 of them, but knowing them will make you flexible, fast, and ready to go with whatever tool you have, be it a Windows PC, Mac, Excel spreadsheet, or PowerPoint Slideshow. In addition, there are additional options for downloading Gmail and Chrome.

The picture below shows all the shortcuts, broken down by application, for which they are useful, and while you probably use some of them every day, such as Ctrl / Opt + C and Ctrl / Opt + V for copy and paste, some of them are the more interesting ones are, for example, F7 to run a spell check from anywhere in a Word document, Shift + F3 to switch case, and / Shift + J to mark a Gmail message as read. Check out all of this below and see if you can learn something new.

60 Essential Keyboard Shortcuts for Office Workers | Writing


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