Blink Shell Is a Complete SSH and Mosh Terminal for IPhone and IPad

iPhone / iPad: A terminal emulator on your iPhone might sound a little silly to most of us, but sometimes SSH can come in handy. One of the best apps for this has been Panic’s Prompt 2 for a while, but Blink Shell is an option worth looking out for too.

At first glance, Blink Shell looks like any other terminal emulator, but because it supports Mosh as well as SSH , connections are generally more reliable. Blink Shell supports external keyboards, which is great if you’re using it on iPad. As you might expect, there are several customization options for changing the font and color scheme.

However, there is a learning curve here because Blink Shell lacks traditional iOS menus to get used to. You will need to enter “help” to get information, or “config” to go to the settings. The rest is done with swipe gestures, which you can return to with the help command. Blink Shell is $ 20, but it’s also open source, which means you can build and contribute yourself if you’re interested . It’s also quite a niche application as most of us don’t need to use remote SSH very often. If so, it’s worth taking a look at Blink Shell.

Blink Shell ($ 19.99) | ITunes App Store


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