Developing a Strong Grip Is One of the Secrets to Getting Stronger in General.

Grip strength is an often overlooked and underestimated aspect of strength training. After all, you use your grip for things like lifting and holding weights to support your weight. If you cannot grasp, it will be difficult for you to lift weights, even if your other muscles can handle the task.

And it’s not just weight. If your grip strength is not at the right level, for example, when pulling up, you will not be able to pull up. I mean there can be many other possible weaknesses (maybe shitty core and lats) that keep you from getting stronger, but the grip can be easily trained. Breaking Muscle offers several ideas:

  • Hanging: Just hang up. Hold on to the bar with all your might for a while. The thicker the bar, the more difficult it is.
  • Loaded Carriers: This is a category of exercise that involves holding different amounts and types of weights in different ways. The farmer’s walk is one example.
  • Sschipyvanie: Pick up a load plate and squeeze it as if holding a sandwich.
  • Extensor Training: On the other hand, gripping too hard can strain certain muscles in the forearms. Wrap an elastic band (such as the one used to wrap broccoli or asparagus) around your toes and practice spreading them as wide as possible to pay attention to the underdeveloped extensor muscles .

Grip training seems like a gymnastic brother, but gripping has become a daily practice: you have to open cans, shake hands, hold bags, and so on. Don’t be the person with a crappy handshake.

3 Types of Grip and 8 Ways to Train Them | Breaking muscles


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