Cortana Can Now Create to-Do Lists and Connect to Your Wunderlist Account

Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana recently updated its new list creation feature. You can now create shopping lists, manage to-do lists, and even connect to your Wunderlist account using your voice.

You can use speech or text on your Windows PC or mobile device to create new lists, manage or add items to existing lists, and open your lists whenever you need them. You can say “Hey Cortana, create a holiday shopping list” or type it into Cortana’s text box and then add to it later by saying or typing “Hey Cortana, add wrapping paper to my holiday shopping list.”

If you’re using Wunderlist, one of our favorite to-do list managers , you can connect Cortana to your account and access all of your to-do lists using voice and text commands. You can also add due dates to your tasks and create general lists.

Cortana Skill Update: Helps You Keep Track of Your To-Do List | Windows blog


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