Pixelmator Adds Tabs, New Smart Refine and MacBook Pro Touch Bar Support

Mac: Pixelmator is getting several new features today, most notably the finally added tab support. This is accompanied by support for the new Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro and a rather nifty new smart refinement tool.

The best new feature here is tabs, which make it much easier to work with multiple documents at the same time. They work as you’d expect, and you can drag and drop them just like you would in any other application. Touch Bar support is what Apple promised last month and gives you a customizable toolbar on the Touch Bar. You also get a new “Smart Refine” feature that lets you use the lasso tool at random to select an area, and then Pixelmator will use edge detection to select an object . This is extremely useful and makes it much easier to select complex objects. You will also get several other enhancements, including full Sierra compatibility and support for P2 color displays and wide color displays. Updates are now available in the Mac App Store.

Pixelmator ($ 29.99)


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