Neil Gaiman Says If You Want to Be a Writer, You Should “Get Bored”

Without boredom, your mind cannot wander and dream. Unfortunately, boredom is getting worse these days, so you have to find it.

Neil Gaiman , author of books such as American Gods , Coraline and Nowhere , recently spoke with NBC ‘s Late Night host Seth Meyers about the controversy in the writing life. When Meyers asked him for advice for aspiring writers, Gaiman explained why boredom is such a powerful tool:

“I think the point is where the ideas come from, they come from the day’s dreams, from the drift, the moment you just sit there … The problem with these days is that it’s really hard to get bored. I have 2.4 million people on Twitter who will entertain me at any time … it’s very hard to get bored. I’m much better off putting my phone away, going on boring walks, actually trying to find a place to get bored. This is what I started to tell people who say, “I want to be a writer,” I say. great, boring. “

The key takeaway here is that Gaiman says you must be bored. Accepting boredom is good, but it will be more beneficial for your mind if you actually pursue it. Step away from distractions and let your mind do its thing. You can watch the full interview at the link below.

Late Night with Seth Myers via Cal Newport

Image courtesy of NBC.


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