Most Soothing Song, How Fusion Energy Can Work, and Best Graphics Cards

This week we check out the worst “oops!” moments in history, draining some great GPUs and peripherals, talk about how fusion power might work, and some soothing tunes for a hopefully less stressful week.

Excellent graphics cards, mechanical keyboards and headphones

If you are looking for a new graphics card (like me) or planning a new system build (like me, and yes, I am planning builds for our build guides), you can look for a new graphics card. … Now is a great time as we have no new models until the end of the year. But that doesn’t mean you have to bridge the gap and spend a ton of money on a new card. The issue TekThing on this week , Patrick Norton and Shannon Morse talking to Ryan shrauta from PC Perspective on how to choose the right graphics processor in anticipation of holiday sales for you and the things in which you plan to play.

Later in the show, they also chat about some great mechanical keyboards and headphones if you’re looking to plug in peripherals or find great headphones to listen to along with this new build of the system. As always, the entire show is more than worth watching and I walked away with a ton of information to help me with my next system build. [ via TekThing ]

How Fusion Energy Can Work

The always interesting Kurzgesagt gives us a crash course on how nuclear fusion, rather than fission, how traditional nuclear power plants produce energy, could work in the future, if they ever become a reality. The potential dividends from the use of fusion energy are huge, but the technology is not yet available, and if you hit the play button above, you will find out exactly why, how energy can be obtained from fusion reactions and ongoing experiments in fusion energy. happening all over the world.

Bottom line? Right now, this is all experimentation, and the current state of our technology is such that the energy required to trigger a fusion reaction is greater than the energy we would get back, but if that changes in the future, it could mean a revolution in clean energy. Although researchers and physicists (like me, tbh) have been hoping for this for decades. [ via Kurzgesagt ]

Six local liqueurs from around the world you might not have tasted

From soo in Japan to arak in Sri Lanka, local spirits are one of the best travel destinations in the world. The Oyster staff have a list of six different local drinks that you should try while traveling and where to find them. For example, in Fiji, kava and the kava ceremony are said to be:

If you’ve ever been to Fiji , you’ve almost certainly participated (or at least watched) a kava ceremony. Kava is a mild narcotic drink made by mixing crushed pepper root with water to create a light brown liquid that tastes bitter and causes slight numbness around the mouth and a feeling of relaxation. A kava ceremony in Fiji consists of a senior or senior man preparing a drink in a large wooden bowl, then filling a small bowl made from half a coconut shell with liquid and passing it on to the first drinker. After a certain set of claps, sips and exclamations of “Bula”, the ceremony turns into a celebration of song and dance. Let’s get to it!

I can say that I have eaten shochu before and I love it, but the others on this list are new to me. If you’ve tried any of them, be sure to let me know in the comments. [ via Oyster ]

What are the worst “Oops!” Moments in history?

While we have this perception of historical events as natural stories that spill over from one instance to another, this Quora thread is full of fun, fantastic moments that are more than worth recounting as major events that you can learn ( like this story about how the Hessian colonel received a preliminary warning that Washington crossed the Delaware River during the Revolutionary War and then pocketed the note without even reading it, leading to his decisive defeat the next day) to the events that you might not know how it is about the poor, defeated satellite NOAA-19 shown above from Wikipedia :

On September 6, 2003, the satellite was badly damaged during work at the Lockheed Martin Space Systems plant in Sunnyvale, California . The satellite fell to the floor as the team moved it to a horizontal position. An investigation into the incident by NASA indicated that the incident was caused by a lack of procedural discipline at the facility. While the roll-over cart used during the procedure was in storage, the technician removed twenty-four bolts securing the adapter plate to it without documenting the action. The team that subsequently used the cart to rotate the satellite did not check the bolts as specified in the procedure before attempting to move the satellite. The repair of the satellite cost $ 135 million. Lockheed Martin agreed to give up all profits from the project to help pay for repair costs; They later took a $ 30 million charge in connection with the incident. The rest of the repair costs were paid by the US government.


There’s a lot more to this thread, including tons and tons of stories about various bridges (including the infamous Tacoma Narrows ), the story of the last tener tree, which is a heartbreaking story in my opinion, but this Atlas Obscura video is very it’s better to tell about an event than a stream can provide, so be sure to check that too. [ via Quora ]

The most soothing song ever

In a series of experiments conducted by Mindlab International, Marconi Union’s ” Weightless” is clinically proven to reduce stress levels by up to 65% in people who listen to it. It’s a far cry from clinical trial data and peer review, of course, but if the worst thing that can happen is that I listen to this and don’t walk away as relaxed as anyone else, I still think it’s a good use. of my time. The song is embedded in the video form above, but the other top stress snapshots taken by the researchers have been added to the Spotify playlist by Inc staff, and you can try them all below:

Hit the play button, sit back and hopefully relax a little. It has been a long week, and for this we will need our strength. [ via Inc , thanks SwissMiss ! ]

Everyone this week! If you have thought-provoking stories, interesting podcasts, eye-opening videos, or anything else that you think is perfect for Brain Buffet, share it with us! Email me , leave it as a comment below or send it in any way convenient for you.


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