Force Yourself to Wear “clothes Maybe” When You Clean up the Closet.

If you try to cut back on your wardrobe , you are left with items you want to keep, items you want to throw away, and items that fall somewhere in between. Before you choose that “maybe clothes”, put them on.

Sometimes clothes become “maybe” because you bought them on a whim or someone else gave them to you. But sometimes an item becomes “maybe” because you didn’t really give it a chance. This is why Marlene Komar of Apartment Therapy invites you at least once, and maybe even several times, to wear clothes that will end up in your pile. Perhaps you can do it better than you thought, and you really feel confident wearing it. Or maybe by trying a couple of different outfits, you can find a way to wear it that you haven’t thought of before. If you’re still unsure about an item after giving it a fair chance, donate it.

No Regrets: How to Clean Up Your Closet and Feel Good Later | Apartment therapy


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