Make Your Own $ 10 Adjustable Weight Replacement

Kettlebells are a fantastic way to develop incredible power and strength, but since you need heavier and heavier kettlebells, each will set you back $ 80 to $ 150 (sometimes plus shipping). A good alternative is a homemade kettlebell, which allows you to gain as much or less weight as you want, and costs a fraction of the price.

Recently, we started doing our own hands, having previously shown you how to make a foam roller and a suspension trainer . This weight-like inventory is the brainchild of Tim Ferris . Follow the link to see the exact materials and what it looks like, but essentially Ferris put together a kind of T-bar, which consists of several pieces of three-quarter-inch pipe nipples , a floor flange, and a T-pipe. to put them all together. Then you fold the weight plates one by one (up to 100 pounds), secure the weights with a clamp, and play.

By the way, you probably need to wear gloves to prevent the worst calluses in the world. It’s not a perfect replacement for kettlebells, but if you stick to small plates, exercises such as swings , sumo deadlifts, and goblet squats are quite possible.

The Weight Experiment – Revive It For $ 10 |


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