This Week’s Most Viewed Posts Are: Nov 4-11

It’s been a week filled with uncertainty, but we’re moving forward and sticking to what we do best. We’ve explained why the so-called “investment portion” is often a waste of money, tried to reduce the fear of flying with some facts, compared Amazon Echo and Google Home, and more. Here’s a look back.

Wherever Marijuana Is Now Legal and What That Means to You

Last night, among many other more important voices, Americans in several states voted to legalize marijuana for recreational or medicinal purposes. In almost all cases, the voices passed. Here’s what it means to you.

How the Electoral College Works and Why We Have One

The Electoral College is an integral, if not unusual, part of American democracy. Few other countries have it, and even when they do, the system is not quite the same. How does an electoral college work and why do we have one at all? Our last video explains.

How to get through the day when you’re waiting for big news

Waiting for news on Election Day can be excruciating. A similar agony comes with waiting for results after a medical exam, or when you send an email with bad news and fear the recipient’s reaction. Here are some tips to help you stay mentally strong while you wait.

10 MacBook trackpad gestures that will save you time

If you have a MacBook, you probably know very well how scrolling and right-clicking work on a trackpad, but you might not know how to bring up Quick Look, Action Center, or Exposè. Whether you’re new to macOS or just never bother to learn them, these gestures can make your life a little easier.

Awkward Dork Karaoke Guide

If you’ve never sung karaoke, this can seem like a nightmare. You are standing in front of a group of random people, singing alone, and praying that the monitor with the text does not go out. But many of your fears are unfounded, and there are many things you can do to get into the spotlight.

Voice Assistant Disassembly: Amazon Echo vs Google Home

This week Google released Google Home, a voice-activated smart device to compete with the surprisingly popular Amazon Echo. Both devices can play music, control lights, and answer questions with just your voice, but we wanted to see how Google’s new device can compare to the established competition.

Sometimes the “investment part” is just a waste of money

It often makes sense to invest in quality . If you have a cheap pair of boots that only last for a year, you may end up paying more over time than if you bought a more expensive pair that would last for years. This is a great theory. However, in practice, this is not always the case.

6 facts about airplanes to help you get rid of your fear of flying

Most fears boil down to misunderstanding, and in such situations, knowledge is truly power. If the thought of flying on an airplane makes you anxious and breaks out in a cold sweat, these safety facts are your medicine before, during and after your flight.

10 best tools to create your novel NaNoWriMo

November is National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo , which means if you haven’t started your story yet, now is the perfect time. Writing has a ton of mental and emotional benefits , so let’s get started! Here are some tools to help.

All the unusual places to use suspension trainers to get a great workout

When I travel, strength training is my second priority (having a good internet first), but I can’t always count on finding a gym. So I began to rely on my suspension machines and MacGyver-like sensitivity for my bodyweight strength training wherever I was. You can do the same.

How to get a good shot of the moon

On November 14, we will have the closest full moon since 1948, and it will not happen again for 18 years. If you want to photograph the moon in all its glory, get ready. Here’s how to take next week’s Super Moon shot that will pay tribute and maybe even be wallpaper-worthy.

How I talked to my kid about Trump

I waited until my seven-year-old son finished breakfast to break the news. “Do you remember the elections were yesterday?” I have asked. “Aha? Who won?” he said. I had to tell him: Donald Trump.

50 ways to relax without spending a dime

If you’re on a tight budget and looking for great ways to unwind and unwind other than walking or taking a nap, there are about fifty in this picture, all of which might take some time, but never any money. Best of all, it’s organized chronologically, so you can try them at different times of the day.

How to control a Raspberry Pi from any computer using VNC

The $ 35 Raspberry Pi is a fantastic little computer, but when you add in the cost of a display, mouse, and keyboard, things get a little more expensive. It’s good that you don’t really need them. With VNC, you can access your Pi from your laptop or desktop using the same mouse, keyboard, and display you always do, without the need for redirection.

Impress your Thanksgiving guests with these Pumpkin Pie Upgrades

Thanksgiving is not Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie, but the standard may seem a little standard . For a festive pumpkin dessert that your friends and family will truly appreciate, try one or more of these delicious options below.


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