Chrome Dev Adds Audio Focus Feature to Block or Limit Multiple Audio Streams

Finding that annoying tab that plays audio in Chrome just got a little easier when the browser started showing which tab was playing audio . You can now prevent audio from playing on multiple tabs at the same time in the Chrome developer channel.

This feature works by allowing only one audio stream to be played at a time. For example, if you are watching a YouTube video and the autoplay addon starts playing music, the YouTube video will be paused. This helps to avoid accidentally playing multiple audio streams at the same time. To enable this feature, open a new tab in your Chrome Dev browser and go here:


Here you can set this feature to “On” or “On (flash decreases volume when interrupted by other sounds, experimentally)”. This latter function will lower the volume of the interrupted stream instead of completely paused.

Chrome: New Focus Sound Feature Launches | Gaki


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