Make This Simple Self-Suspension Trainer for Effective Home Workouts

The suspension trainer gives you the power to do an intense bodyweight workout anywhere: at home, in the park, or under a tree. It’s all just a set of straps with handles that you can attach to a door, wood, or bar. For about $ 10 and a little of your time, you can make your own suspension sneakers at home.

The tutorial for this minimalist DIY suspension trainer is from Ben Guyt. You will need at least 8 meters of polyester tape, which can be purchased at any hardware store. (Video commentators recommended adding a couple of feet.) A ratchet tie kit will also work. For the handles, you will need about 30 cm of thin PVC tubing (wide enough for you to grip comfortably).

The Gait hanging trainer differs from other similar do-it-yourself trainers in that it is very lightweight and has adjustable straps. Even with properly made straps, both straps on the harness machine must move freely to adapt to your exercise; but there is a kind of built-in safety mechanism to prevent slipping. These suspension machines have these features, so watch the video for step-by-step instructions.

$ 10 Self Suspension Trainer – TRX “Locking Loop” for Added Safety | Ben Gate


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