All Newspapers and Cable TV Channels Providing Free Access to Election Day Coverage

On Election Day, it is, and that means a ton of media companies, of cable TV newspapers, are ripping off their paywalls in order to give anyone unlimited access to their coverage. From the New York Times to CNN, you can get unlimited coverage everywhere.

Aside from just removing pay-per-day access for national and local newspapers, Sling TV is dropping the credit card requirement for its free trial today, which means you just have to enter a valid email address to access channels like CNN, BBC and more. To sign up for the electoral process, go to this address .

Some cable and terrestrial channels also broadcast live all day, although they usually don’t. NBC News , PBS Newshour, and C-SPAN have live streaming on YouTube. ABC News will do the same on Facebook Live .

Here is a complete list of sites that are removing paywalls for the day:

Chances are there are smaller publications and local TV channels that do the same deals, so if you have a local newspaper that is usually behind a paywall it might be worth checking to see if they filmed it for the day so you can get access to local coating.


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