Why You Should Maintain a Thank You List in Your to-Do App

Gratitude isn’t just trivial nonsense; it can make you happier , more resilient, and even help you save money . A gratitude journal is great, but to make it even more powerful, add it to your to-do list.

The author of the magazine PC Mag Gilley Duffy explains how she tried to use Evernote for keeping a diary of thanks . However, after a while, she forgot about it, because she mainly used Evernote for storing documents and other things. In other words, she didn’t necessarily use it all the time, so it was easy to forget about her diary. (I did the same!) Duffy explains:

My initial thank you list was so effective because I looked at it so often. It was on my phone in the app that was on my desktop. I’ve seen this many times. And when I saw it and read what was in it, well, that’s when I felt grateful.

So I moved my lists to my app, which is Todoist today. I look at this a lot; sometimes it’s just for a quick glance, but the point is, I look at it maybe a dozen times a day.

Duffy has a project called Thank Lists right in her Todoist, but you can implement it with any to-do manager. If you are using Wunderlist, create a Thank You folder. Or, just set a reminder to write down a few things you are grateful for every day. If you are using old-fashioned pen and paper for your to-do lists, just leave some space to write down your thank you list. ( Thanks is a fun app that will send you daily reminders as well ). The point is to just keep this list in front of you so that it is really helpful in nurturing gratitude. For more information, navigate to Duffy’s full post at the link below.

Forget the gratitude magazine: try the To-Do app instead | PC Mag


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