Make the Best First Impression by Focusing on Your Four Social Gifts

Your first impression is pretty damn important . When you first meet someone, focus on the four “social gifts” you bring to the table to make a good impression.

As explained in First Impressions , we judge the people we meet by how they fit into our lives. To define this, we look for four social gifts: appreciation, connection, appreciation, and enlightenment. We want people around us who can appreciate what we do, share our love and mutual interest, give us advice on how to become better or help us better understand ourselves. If someone you know can bring one or more of these things, you are more likely to want them in your life. The art of masculinity explains that if you want to offer it to other people, you must cultivate this mindset in yourself:

It is almost impossible to fake such sought-after qualities as cordiality, knowledge and honesty; some very charismatic people are capable of this, but usually the people they deceived will later say, “I could tell from the beginning that there was something wrong with him, but I ignored that feeling.”

It’s also very difficult to feign interest in people if you don’t have a genuine curiosity about others. False confidence can also be seen a mile away.

Your personality creates a tangible aura around you; even if you are not aware of it, people can feel it as soon as you enter the room.

If you walk into a room expecting other people to take advantage of your needs, you are not going to be offering a lot of social gifts. Likewise, if you’re constantly ruining everything , other people have little reason to push you further in their lives. By focusing on how you contribute to the group and sincerely striving to offer something, you can become someone who naturally makes a good first impression.

Why Your First Impression Matters | The art of masculinity


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