Facebook Voting Guide Offers a Personalized Voting Plan to Help You Learn About Your Ballot

Facebook has released a new run-up feature that hopes to help you find information about both presidential elections and local races.

Facebook’s guide isn’t much different from the other options , but it does include a handy option to save your preferences so you can easily refer to them on Election Day. Justgo to your plan page and you will see the candidates and proposals you find in your official newsletter. Here you can explore more information about each ballot, and then add the one you like best to your favorites. Each newsletter item also links to a Facebook news feed, so you can see any publicly available posts on the topic, as well as what your friends might think if they were brave enough to share that information. This is certainly not the end of the newsletter research, but it is another useful utility that at least helps make things easier.

Preparing for the 2016 US Elections | Facebook


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