Various Benefits of Slow and Fast Repetitions

When it comes to training, everyone has their own daily routine, including how many reps you do and how fast you do them. If you are choosing between slow and fast reps, here are the benefits of each.

The more reps, the faster muscle fatigue or failure is achieved, which is the key to muscle growth. When doing fast reps, you also lift close to your maximum weight, which leads to more work (sets x reps x weight).

Slow reps are great for beginners or those who are working on their form, as they allow you to better control your weight and your body movements while lifting. When you reduce weight during a slow motion, you also maintain more tension in the muscles and do more work, rather than letting gravity lower the weight. Both types of repetitions have their own benefits, so which one you choose depends on what you want to focus on during your workout.

Slow reps versus fast reps – which is better for building muscle? | PictureFit (YouTube)


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