All Fears Are the Same Fear

Whether you are afraid of public speaking, tiny enclosed spaces, or huge crowds, they are all associated with one truly specific fear: the fear of death. They may have nuances, their diagnoses, they can be treated in different ways, but in the end, it is still the same fear.

You probably already know that when you encounter something that you fear, it activates your brain’s fight-or-flight response, often overwhelming your judgment, even if the thing you fear poses no threat or danger to you. you anyway. Fears such as heights, flying, or even snakes or spiders make sense in a survival context, but even fears that don’t seem to pose a mortal threat also make sense if you remember how social people are social people and how social rejection is. could be life. or the problem of death.

The video explanation above takes a closer look at this issue and traces a number of these fears, such as fear of losing a relationship, fear of losing loved ones or, yes, fear of public speaking, right down to their very psychological roots.


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