Science Supports Wine and Cheese Combination

Many people consume cheese and wine at the same time, but now science has confirmed what we always seem to have known in our gut: cheese actually improves the taste of wine.

According to the informatively titled “ Using Temporal Dominance of Multiple Eating Senses (TDS) to Evaluate the Effect of Cheese on Wine Perception, ” published in Food Science last month, all cheeses experienced “shortened duration of dominance (P <0.01) of astringency and sourness and increased duration of the aroma of red fruits ”, which makes the process of drinking wine more aromatic and pleasant. It should be noted that the size of the study was a little small in order to make “extended general conclusions about wine preferences” and I am willing to operate with this conclusion. Come to think of it, I might have to do further research on my own to be sure.

Using Temporal Dominance of Senses (TDS) in Multiple Techniques to Assess the Effect of Cheese on Wine Perception | Journal of Food Science via Consumerist


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