Pop Into a Salad Bar to Buy the Ingredients Needed for a Soup for One

Grocery salad bars aren’t the best or cheapest option for fresh produce, but if you’re shopping or preparing them, they can be a surprise. Stop by and grab only those ingredients that you need for soups or other dishes, without fear of overbearing, without being left without leftovers and without requiring a little preliminary preparation.

While this is probably not cheaper than buying bulk soup products (since you have to pay in pounds at a salad bar and raw ingredients can be cheaper depending on how much you buy), it allows you to have better control over the ingredients. you get.

For example, you can take a few different types of beans, fresh spinach, chopped onions and tomatoes and make a simple yummy soup that you can just cook together when you get home, enough for the night, or that night and have lunch at the office. tomorrow. In addition, there are many toppings such as grated or crumbled cheese or croutons. As a result, you have exactly as many ingredients as you need for one or two meals, without the heaps of leftovers lying around in the kitchen, or half-empty bags and cans of ingredients that you need to use up or throw away because you have not used them up.

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